Magadangeologia is an exploration company which specializes in a number of fields, including regional geological surveys, reconnaissance, prospecting, evaluation, geochemical, geophysical, specific, analytical, and other surveys in all districts of the Magadan Region where commercial mineral deposits can be potentially found, and which focuses on incrementing mineral reserves and resources of the north-eastern Russia.

Magadangeologia is a successor to the Verkhne-Kolymskaya Geological Survey, Central Geophysical, and Hydrogeological Expeditions of the North-Eastern Geological Association. Currently, the enterprise mostly performs prospecting and exploration for new deposits and ore occurrences of precious metals, the first priority of which is gold. This line of business is determined by the increasing interest of private and public investors in hard-rock gold deposits inducing the intensification of prospecting operations.

The company applies various geophysical methods (magnetotellurics, near-field transient electromagnetic sounding, vertical electrical sounding with frequency dispersion, mean gradient with frequency dispersion, radio pulse method, and many others) and has all the necessary equipment, GIS technologies, and modern software to perform the surveys.
The enterprise houses the only accredited laboratory in the region that implements a wide range of analytical studies, which can be also performed on a contractual basis.

Currently, the main aim of exploration activities carried out by Magadangeologia is to prepare areas and sites to conduct prospecting, evaluation, and subsequent licencing, as well as to estimate inferred gold resources of categories P1 and P2.